Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Japanese Cheesecake...Yummmm~~

Okay. Last week my school is having sells'n stuffs. They gave me a chance to learn more...BAKE! So I decided to bake everyone's favourite cheesecake. My teacher and friends loves it and they wanted this recipe.

This recipe is actually not like usual cheesecakes. It's more sponge-y, light but cheesey!I've made this but gone not really well...Too short of cooking time.
And sorry, I forgot to take pictures!
Anyways, here we go!

Japanese Cheesecake
preparing time: around 1 hour
Cooking time: 1 hour and 10 mins (If you have a weaker oven like mine, try to bake longer)

What you need
•Double boiler -if you really don't have one, then just use a heatable bowl, sitting on a smaller pot of boiling water, with the base of the bowl ideally not touching the water.
•Electric whisk

250g cream cheese
50g butter, unsalted
100ml milk
6 eggs, large- separated into whites and yolks
60g plain cake flour
20g cornflour(cornstarch)
140g white granulated sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 tsp salt

Melt the cream cheese, butter and milk together in the double boiler, until there are no lumps. Cool this cream mixture , eg: by put the bowl /pot into a larger bowl of cold water.
Add the cream of tartar to the egg whites, whisk untill foamy. Add the sugar, and whisk untill you get ''soft peaks''.
Returning to the cooled cream mixture: mix in the egg yolks and salt, then the lemon juice. Gently fold in the flour and cornflour, sieving the flour / cornflour as you add it.
Add the cream-flour mixture to the egg white mixture by bit. Mix together very gently, to not loose the ''airiness''.
Line the sides and base of baking tin with grease baking paper, and pour the combined mixture. Put the baking tin into a much much larger baking tin filled with boiling water. The water should be 5/3 up to the tin.
Place them into preheated oven (160'c-180'c) and bake for 1 hour and 10 mins. Don't open the oven before you think the cake is ready!
To cool, tip the cake out, upside down, onto a plate (if you leave it cool in tin like me, the top surface will crumple as the cake subsides! Don't make this mistake like me!) Leave to cool in fridge (eg. overnight)
To serve, remove baking paper and tip cake back to brown-side-up. Serve cold.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mum's Chinese Peanut Cookies...

Chinese new year has 14 more days to go.
Mum wanted to bless her friends with these ''melt in your mouth'' peanut cookies. No, not peanut BUTTER cookies. Since today is a holiday, mum decided to make them. Well, I helped!
This recipe is actually eggless. So I guess vegetarians are free to eat!

Mum's Melting Peanut Cookies
Preparation time: 60 mins
Baking time: 25 mins

600g fried peanuts, removes skin and grind finely
600g plain flour, sifted
450-500g refined sugar (or less)
500-600 ml peanut oil for mixing

1 beaten egg for egg wash (if you ignore this, it's completely vegetarian!)


1. Mix grind peanut, flour and sugar in a big mixing bowl, slowly mix in peanut oil until it can form into a soft dough (can roll into ball without breaking).

2. Form into small balls, place onto greased and floured baking sheet, glaze with egg wash.

3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for about 25 mins till golden brown.

Remove, leave to cool before storing.


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