Friday, March 5, 2010

When a chocoholic touches chocolate...

Oh what the heck...

Eating chocolates is my hobby, tasting chocolates is my interest...
How about tasting all the chocolates of the world? I dare to!
Too bad I can't , that's my dream. But I do can taste the best quality chocolate that made in Malaysia! That's good enough for me already! I've waited so long for this moment.......

Finally I've tasted Beryl's chocolates.
Not all flavors of them, because it's too much!
But still...a lot~!
I finished them in just a month! JUST A MONTH!
These are some of them:

80% Dark chocolate. My favorite.
Not too sweet, but it tastes should I say? Um...Dark.

This one, is Ghana Dark chocolate. Although I didn't know how much percentage is it, but it tastes good too.

This, is tropico chocolate series.
Flavor: Dark chocolate

Tropico chocolate. Flavor: Strawberry cream, Caramel crisps.

Tropico chocolate again. Flavor: Banana, sweetcorn.
I never tasted sweetcorn flavor before, so for me, it's quite unique and ...of course, DELISH!

This one, Oh..I love this one. Milk Chocolate praline.
When you put it in your mouth, you can feel it's melting....Oh I love melting gooey chocolates!

Bittersweet Chocolate. What can i say?

This is the LIGHT version of bittersweet chocolate.No sugar added.
Tastes kind of weird at first, but...when you continue eating it, it got...nice and light flavor.

Light version of hazelnut milk chocolate.

Light version of almond milk chocolate.

Wow, this Tiramisu chocolate tastes great! I don't know how to describe it.

This is one of the popular chocolate of Beryl's product.
Cocoa dusted white chocolate on the outside, almond crunchy on the inside.

There's a lot more than these... I just can't get all the pictures.
Chocolate is heaven to me. Especially Dark Dark Dark chocolates..

Oh yeah, my last word

Long Live Chocolates!!! Hahahahaha...............


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