Friday, October 29, 2010

Crispy Polo Cheesecake 酥波萝乳烙蛋糕

Can you believe that I got this shot with my webcam? Poor, pitty me....I don't have camera in my house. Shot from phone-camera has bad lighting and unable to focus. Better than nothing, I take my cake upstairs and get a shot right infront of my computer.
You may think it's silly, but seriously, ME>>Poor girl>>no money>>no camera! Even this webcam is my father's old stuff. Never mind, as long as it is able to capture something, I'm happy.
So for those who has cameras, please don't ever complain. Even just a cheap digital camera, Give thanks.

Anyways, back to the cake. I got his recipe from the cookbook I downloaded recently. I saw many Chine bloggers are using it. It's titled : 孟老师的100道小蛋糕 . I think it's a great book. You can get many cake recipes written in Chinese and also using Chinese ingredients.

Plus, most Chinese nowadays don't really like cakes that are too sweet. This book provided recipes that fits their taste bud. A little less in sugar compared with the West.

For me, I'm okay with SWEEETT because I'm a EXTREMELY sugary person. But for my family, they have tongue that are very sensitive to sugar.

Hence, people nowadays are controlling their portion on Carbs. This book provide ''mini cakes'' recipes. They are all small sized, but satisfying.

I baked this cheesecake for my Cousin sister, Recycle Bin.
Her actual birthday was at 1st October. I was too busy to bake for her, instead I was baking for my other friend who ordered from me earlier. So this is my gift for her.
Thank you RB, for being such a great cousin all the time.

Polo actually is translated from chinese which means pineapple. I didn't know why they call this cake Polo cheesecake, It has nothing to do with pineapple!

p/s: THIS CAKE CONTAINS ALCOHOL. (just a little...which RB likes)

Here's the recipe, hope you guys enjoy it.

A Crispy Polo:
Unsalted butter 25g
Icing sugar 20g
Cake flour 25g

B The cake:
Raisins/Sultanas 60g
Rum 60g

Unsalted butter 35g
Biscuit 100g

Cream cheese 110g
Unsalted butter 30g
Fine sugar 15g
Egg yolk 25g
Lemon juice 2 tsp
Cake flour 25g
Lemon peel 1/2 tsp

Egg whites 50g
Fine sugar 15g


Grease the BASE of a 6 inch round cake pan. Line it with parchment. Preheat the oven 190C .

For the Crispy Polo: Let unsalted butter soften at room temperature. Sift in icing sugar. Using a spatula and mix them together. Mix in the flour until cooperated. Wrap the dough with cling foil and refrigerate it.

For the Cake base:
1.Soak the raisin/Sultanas in the rum. (The more time you saok, the more rum flavor in the raisins) Set aside.
2. Soften the butter at room temperature. Put the biscuits in a Zip-Lock bag and crush them into crumbs. Using your hand, add in the butter and mix them well together. Put this mixture into your prepared pan and pack them evenly into a base.
3.Drain the raisins/Sultanas. Layer them onto the surface of the cookie base.

For the cake:
1. Cream the butter and the cream cheese together in a bowl. Add in the sugar (the first 15g) and continue creaming until it's cooperated. (LOW SPEED)
2.Add in the yolk 1 at a time, the lemon juice, the flour and finally the lemon peel. Mix well into a smooth cake batter.
3.In another bowl, Whisk the egg white with an electric mixer at the same time you add in the sugar (the final 15g) until stiff peaks. It will be glossy and shinny. (like swiss meringue)
4. Fold in 1/3 of the egg white mixture into the cream cheese mixture until well mixed.
5.Continue folding in 1/3 of the egg white until there's non left. Remember to FOLD in. Do Not deflate the air in the batter !!
6. Using a spatula ,scrape the batter into the prepared pan. Using a shredder, shred the crispy polo dough on the surface of the batter. (You better hurry, or else the air of the bubble will deflate!)
7.Finally, Bake it in the oven for 25-30 minutes. If you test it with a skewer it should comes out clean.

uHH...This looks ugly..


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