Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bread Experiment with TangZhong method 我的汤种面包之旅

I love Buns from BreadStory.
They're not like regular ones you can buy from other bakeries. Their buns are SO freakin' soft and SO freakin' fluffy...and their bun fillings are loaded.Imagine that it can be squeezed out by just a light touch on the surface.
No, I'm not kiding, It's seriously GOOD EATS.
Al most every Sunday I have to get their buns especially the ''Cocktail Bun''...The coconut filling is SO freakin' buttery and tasted so UNIQUE and SO GOOD LAH!!! I can't get this flavor from other bakeries.
I admire the Bread Master of BreadStory.

Last time I checked from the foodgawker, I discovered this secret tang zhong method that makes the bread so freakin' soft and fluffy.
I immediately save them and planned to makethem. (because the fluffiness of BreadStory buns appeared on my mind...''Com'on...Buy me...Eat me....Love me.....I know you want me....'')

I never really know about breads. I heard it's quite hard to make.Bread making has a lot of rules...comparing with baking a cake, it takes much more time. Time for first rise...time for second rise...and then the final rise...Plus, I don't have a dough hook machine....I was kneading the dough by hand. Imagine how long I have to knead!
For people inpatient like me, it's killing me....
I cut them half so that I can fill them with...
Lemon Curd......

And cover them with Chicken floss....
(Hey, Halal! )

My first attempt on Tang zhong bread making, it's quite a failure. I place the dough balls too flat, they got burnt at the bottom. So it tasted....hmmm...quite hard. not what I wanted.

I was disappointed.
If you really know me, you'll know that I am a person who takes things seriously. If I really care about the result , I will do anything to let it success.

So I tried one more time.
and this time, I've learned the lesson. Do not shape the dough too FLAT, shape them high, and let them rise...
The result? hmmm....They're super fluffy, but just one thing, they look terrible. I shaped them horribly...hahaha.
Never mind, it's not the end of the world. You have pretty much time to learn.
They look ugly, you eat them ugly, they come out's quite the same. Hey,It's home baking! You're not selling them anyway...

I said so much to comfort myself. Haha. but seriously, I am going to try it one more time , I will never stop until it turns out perfectly.
Egg wash...hmmm...GlOsSy....

Monday, November 8, 2010

I can't believe it!!

''I may look ugly on the outside..but I'm beautiful on the inside...''

Passion fruit.
I got so excited when I saw them. This is the first time I actually Touched, smelled and ate a passion fruit.
It tastes delightfully sour and sweet. I love it.
Usually I only saw them on the yogurt / yogurt drink labels. like ''Passion fruit and mango flavored yogurt drink'', ''Passion fruit yogurt'', or maybe some drinks like Passion fruit shake, passion fruit drink.....

Yea...just being silly and took some photos with my first ever passion fruit.
I love you, Passion fruit.


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