Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey,Sweet 16

The curve, Damansara.

Yay! My birthday!
Actually it was 2 weeks ago but I still think that it is worth to be posted.
Although I typed ''sweet 16'' on the top, actually it was just an ordinary day spent with my family and had dinner in my favorite restaurant.

(I know it's small) Can you see the cow in the picture?
That's where my favorite restaurant is.
Marche move and pick restaurant.
They served their food fresh. But.....Yeahh....Quite expensive.
It was not worth it, but, what the heck, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!
Once in a blue moon that's all....
(Dad, I promise I won't eat there again. except for special occasion)

My dad didn't really like the food in Marche. It's too ''france-y'' or maybe ''italy-y''(????!!) for him. (I wonder is Marche a france based restaurant?)
So He saved his stomach and went back to the Malaysia cuisine. This, is PappaRich.

My special treat of the day: Chocolate shake.
not just an ordinary chocolate shake,
It was my first beverage in a high-class cafe---Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
(For me, Starbucks is high-class enough. This cafe? It's for the RICHES)

It tasted extra ordinary chocolate-y. Or should I say, very rich in cocoa taste.
I loved loved loved it!!! still LOVIN' IT!

For my birthday present, my Dad bought me this.........................
Electronic scale. Actually, I begged him to buy it for me...hahaha.
Anyway, It was great. Thanks a lot Dad.

This is my granny's hand mixer. haha. quite old.

I tested my new scale with measuring my cookie ingredients.
I found the butter shortbread recipe from my mum's cookbook.
Quite aged. Originally from England.

I shaped the hearts for each member of my family. Haha.

I added some chocolate chips in them. It was buttery and crunchy.

Oh well, this is the end of my post. Hope I'll get a sweet 18...at least.


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