Friday, January 21, 2011

Yes! Finally!

Chocolate Oreo bites cupcakes

Finally..I am able to post this on blogger.
This is the FIRST ever post with my FIRST ever SLR food shots!!
I wanted to post this long time ago, but because of the bad connection, it was really hard to upload such big files.
Anyhoo......... THIS IS SO COOL!
Okay I know I 'm being silly right now.

I actually baked these batches of cupcakes on December2010 for christmas giveaway.
Well, I guess now you know how old these pictures are.

My big -ass lemon poppyseed cupcakes

Aren't they cute? My sister shoot these for me. She's quite me I guess.

The super-buttery Germany butter cookies
I adapted these from Min'sBlog.
My family didn't really like these cookies. These cookie shots aren't really good looking either.

Well I'm just sharing my ''first ever'' ,
Hope you guys like them.


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