Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unusual ingredient in my Dessert cup

It has been some time in my to-make-list.

Does it look anything different from a normal chocolate pudding?
Does it look appetizing if I shaved some garnishes?
What do you think about Vegan food?

I first thought that Vegans are eating weird tasting food. I'm a vegetarian but I never leave my milk and my ice cream away from me.( oh ya, and chocolates too)

Last week I went to Supermarket with my mum to stock up some New Year gifts. Then I walked by a section that sells veges and beans product.
I saw ''SILKEN TOFU'' was on sell for 0.98 sens per!!

I know you probably think that Tofu is disgusting. Me myself is an Asian but I hate tofu so much....But I love Soya milk so much's weird right? Probably because it's sweet...hmmm...
Anyway, back to the topic.
I remembered a recipe making Chocolate pudding with Tofu. Since It was so cheap for sell I bought a piece back home.
I started my experiment on the next day. I was worried about the I said, I actually thought that Vegan foods are weird tasting.

But I was wrong.
They were good.......
They kept me eating from one scoop to another....
They taste like chocolate soya milk...Which is gooood....
Not just great tasting, they're GOOD FOR YOU too!!

If you've never tried this Chocolate pudding, give it a try! Don't be afraid, It's good!

I've made this chocolate pudding without chocolates, instead I used cocoa powder and Raw honey.

Chocolate ''ToFudding''
1 packet of silken tofu
3 tablespoons of cocoa powder (feel free to add more)
3 tablespoons of raw honey (again, feel free to add more)

-Drain the tofu.
-Blend the tofu in a processor until smooth pudding pudding like texture.
-Sift in cocoa powder and add in the honey.
-Blend until they're well mixed. They should be smooth and silky.
-Refrigerate them until they're cold enough to serve.
-before serving, remember to garnish them so that they look more appetizing. Don't be like me....haha.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's Chinese New Year.And what does that mean? There's tons of cookies to bake.
And also , time to get fat.
There are boxes and boxes of cookies serving in every household.
You can't resist the smell, the taste of those cookies.
There are many kinds of them, chocolate, butter, peanut, cashew, chicken floss rolls,pineapple tarts,........(to infinity)
My favorite is Chocolate Meringue cookies.Which is not that fattening but taste so good.
Anyhoo, this year, I baked a batch of cookies...just a batch..And it disappeared within 2 days. Good Lord I took this pictures earlier, or else I couldn't share it with you guys.

It's everyone's favorite German Butter Cookies.
Last post I said It wasn't that good because I replaced the potato starch with rice flour...I thought it will be okay but I was wrong.
This time with potato starch makes a big difference.
When the cookie goes into your mouth, it melts and it won't stick under your teeth.
This is why we will gain a few pounds...Eating it is un-stoppable.

It's incredibly easy to make and taste incredibly good. If you never make these before, you must. I say, you MUST.

Obviously, this is a chocolate chip cookie. I used Alton Brown's recipe. It turned out quite good, but for me and my family, it's a little too sweet. Feel free to cut down the sugar if you're making them.
Actually I baked these with my friend Sook Ting. We're shooting a video to promote our new club, Sweet dessert club.
Probably this blog will soon be posting a lot of product made in our class.

Actually I don't really have faith in myself...because I'm not professional and I'm not a teacher...How can I teach?
The fact I'm still doing this is because there's a quite professional partner teaching together with me...Sook ting, you made my day!

Okay, another cookie I'm sharing is my Mum's Chinese Peanut Cookies.
Ye, the ultimate MELT-IN-YOUR-MOUTH cookie...You don't really need your teeth to eat these cookies.
My mum baked these cookies last year and still baking them this year...Because it's too good! (and easy too!)
She cut down the sugar and oil in the recipe, taste, better!!

Ya ,share with me your links about your cookies in this Chinese new year...or should I say, Cookies new year....

Excuse me I need to fix my cookie cravings right now. hehe.
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone .


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